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Tailored, personal and memorable marriage ceremonies in Central Otago and Wellington. My commitment is to work with you to ensure that you have the wedding ceremony that reflects who you are and what is important to you on your special day.

I love to work with couples to create a personal experience.  I love spending whatever time is needed to get the details right for you:  whether it be helping you write the perfect ceremony, putting an antique cloth and a posy of flowers on the table to sign the register or giving you advice on locations and other people to assist you.


Music to Marry to ...

Catherine Fyfe

Vanessa and Jake, 2012 - "Oh Happy Day"!

Vanessa and Jake, 2012 - "Oh Happy Day"!

I was working on a project recently and I decided a little music was required to work to.  One of the songs that came up was “All of Me” by John Legend.  The words captured my attention and I played it over again several times.  It struck me as a great piece of music for a wedding.  A couple that I am marrying this weekend have also chosen a piece of music I’ve come to love since they mentioned it to me – “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey.  My god-daughter and her husband left the ceremony to “Oh Happy Day”.  It really reflected the happiness of the day.  Everyone had huge smiles on their faces and we were all moving in time to the music.  It was unexpected and great fun!

No matter where a marriage ceremony is held, music adds to the magic.  Music that has meaning for both of you will add to the memories that are created in your mind of your day.  15 years later, I need only to hear the first few bars “Pachelbel’s Canon in D” to be transported back to the day.

So, where does music fit in the ceremony?  Almost always the bridal party arrive to one or even two pieces of music.  Whilst the register is being signed is also a great time for a piece of music.  The excitement of newly-married couple leaving the ceremony is made more special with great music.  If you haven’t seen it (for those of you too young!) check out the wedding scene in the movie “Love Actually” as the bridal party leave their ceremony to a rather spectacular rendition of“All You Need Is Love”. Of course, it doesn’t have to be spectacular to be special.  All you need is a piece of music that has meaning to you both.  And it doesn’t need to be limited to the three places I’ve mentioned.  Whenever and wherever feels right for you, as little or as much.

But, some pointers to remember:

If you are having your wedding in a public place, using a sound system to ensure all your guests can hear the ceremony (important, they all want to hear!) without authorization is unlawful.  So, you must ensure that you do not play it so loud as to disturb the enjoyment of other members of the public.  At the very least, ensure that, when you get your permit from the local council etc, that you tell them that you will have a sound system operating.

Music that you have downloaded or purchased is also illegal if it is then used for a “public performance”.